Highways and Streets

Most Americans ride in automobiles daily using streets and highways, tunnels and bridges, and other key infrastructure components. AASHTO strives to find innovative mechanisms to best ensure safe, maintained, and efficient vehicle transportation.


The American aviation system handles over 70,000 passenger and cargo flights daily with about 5,000 airborne at any given time. AASHTO members develop strategies to promote and enhance airports and spaceports within their states. We also continue to explore innovative approaches to unmanned aerial system, or drone, use to supplement our transportation networks.


Rail infrastructure in America is of vital importance – not only do trains transport 40 percent of all intercity freight, but it links communities in efficient ways other modes cannot. AASHTO works to ensure America’s railroads remain the world’s best.


America’s seaports are critical assets to facilitate the movement of goods and people across inland waterways and open ocean en masse. Over 90 percent of the world’s goods are transported over water, and state DOTs play a large part in America’s access to this means of trade. Several state DOTs also operate and maintain shipping terminals and ferry networks.


The efficient movement of freight is inherently intermodal affecting highways and streets, railroads, waterways, and airports. AASHTO shares best practices from the development of state freight plans and advocates for policies to accommodate rapid changes in supply chains and technologies.

Public Transportation

Daily, tens of millions of Americans are dependent on bus, paratransit, subway, and commuter rail for transportation solutions. Many state DOTs own, operate, and/or oversee public transportation programs for their constituents. AASHTO takes a holistic approach to transportation solutions, and transit remains a vital resource to both urban and rural areas.

Active Transportation

Americans that walk, run, bike, scoot, and row are also part of America’s transportation system. AASHTO and state DOTs are working harder than ever to improve the safety and appeal of these environmentally friendly transportation modes.

State departments of transportation represent the finest example of organizations and people who act in the public interest and we must convey our knowledge of transportation needs through that common lens of public purpose.

Patrick McKennaDirector, Missouri Department of Transportation; President, AASHTO