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2020-09-09 Industry Coalition Letter to Congress Requesting One-year FAST Act Extension and State DOT Backstop

2020-08-28 AASHTO-Transportation Construction Coalition-Americans for Transportation Mobility Briefing to Congress Requesting One-year Extension of FAST Act and State DOT Backstop

2020-07-27 State DOT Relief One-Pager

2020-07-24 Frequently Asked Questions on the AASHTO $37B Backstop

AASHTO Comment Letters

Congressional Letter to House Leadership Supporting $49.95 Billion Infusion to State DOTs in the Next COVID-19 Response Legislation

Senator Rounds Letter to Senate Leadership Supporting $49.95 Billion Appropriation of Federal Funding to State DOTs in Any Phase Four COVID-19 Response Legislation

Senators Burr and Gillibrand Letter to Senate Leadership Supporting a Federal Backstop on State Highway Revenue

State DOT Requests to Congress for Revenue Backstop

Industry Letters of Support for State DOT Revenue Backstop